Natalia Pacheco Morales (Costa Rica)

Natalia Pacheco Morales grew up with dance in Costa Rica. She has been part of several dance- and showgroups with performances all over Latin America. In Germany since 2003, Natalia has become through her elegance, sensual style and love to dance one of the most successful salsa dancers in Germany. She is able to transport to her students something very few teachers accomplish at this level: the fun of and love to dance.

In Europe she is part of several dance-festivals, but also offers her dedication as a board and founding member of SuTrA e.V. for the
promotion of socially disadvantaged children in India, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Since 2011 she is part of Bachata-Crew, a Bachata dance and show formation she founded together with Thomas Kerpen. Thomas is NRW Bachata Champion and 4th of the German Bachata Championship 2011, Dominican Style.