Alexander Carbò (Isla de la Juventud, Cuba)

Alexander Carbò was born in 1978 at the Cuban island Isla de la Juventud (Gioventù). At the age of 10 he discovered his passion for dancing and started with classic and modern dance. Changing to the afrocuban style at the age of 16 and studying in Havana at the National Dance Academy, he became a professional dancer. As a lead dancer of a dance group he acted in a lot of the Catena Caribe de Sol Clubs.

In 2001 he moved to Italy and started working as dance teacher and choreographer. From this point on he participated in several prestigious competitions of the scene, like “Fiesta” (International Festival for Latin-American Music) in Rome, or the Salsa Festival in Rimini. He competed against world famous dancer and those efforts became rewarded through TV appearances, like f.e. in “La Vita inn Diretta”, “Alle Falde del Kilimangiato” and “Cultura Moderna”.

Today he has got an own dancing school named “Cubanchero Academy” in Rome. He and his dancing partner Yunaisy Farray Castillo participate in many worldwide competitions by which they succeeded to become an excellent couple within only a few years, and to make a name internationally.